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Jul 29

How long are dental implants guaranteed?


Hey guys, My brother lost his wisdom tooth last week so he was finding it difficult to chew. His dentist recommended that dental implants in Oakville are extremely popular choices for people who have lost a tooth. But, we are confused that whether to do it or not. He is also a little bit afraid of doing it. I have heard that some had experienced pain after dental implants. Is it so? How long are dental implants guaranteed?

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  • Admin
    Jun 6

    Please don't do a backlink to a dentist's website on this forum. Your comment will be deleted if you do not follow this rule.
  • katylasin
    Apr 12

    My 2yo kid has got two teeth which are severely affected by cavities. We found that about four months back. We took her to the dentist, but that experience made her terrified. We tried to make her calm down, but the dental tools and all scared her to death at that time. We had to abort that mission and decided to try again when she is older. Now her teeth are in bad condition and need dental care urgently. I feel helpless whenever I brush her teeth. It is her baby tooth. If the root canal is infected, it will lead to several other problems, right? She is scared whenever I mention about the dentist. My friend recommended taking her to a clinic which provides child dentistry in Ajax . She told that the atmosphere over there is comfortable for children. Please help me. What can I do to help her? Thanks!!