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You'll find some excellent books on topics related to sensory processing disorder in the Sensory Smarts Shop
Recommended Websites
Articles and interviews with Nancy Peske on sensory issues, sensory smarts, and parenting a child with sensory processing disorder

Site for Lindsey Biel, OTR/L, coauthor of Raising a Sensory Smart Child

Related conditions
Adoption and Premature Baby issues
(many adopted children and preemies have sensory processing issues)
Special Education
  • Wrightslaw is an excellent, up-to-date source for information on special education, particularly special ed law.

Online Support


  • is a site for learning more about gluten-free, casein-free diets that help children with gluten/casein intolerances that exacerbate sensory issues.

  • Vitacost is one of my favorite sources for discount vitamins, supplements, and personal items. They carry many gluten-free flours and products as well as healthy snacks for kids.

Auditory Processing Difficulties
  • Advanced Brain Technologies offers The Listening Program ® for children with sensory processing issues and other issues including auditory processing disorder. This is one of the more affordable programs for helping kids with auditory processing by using special music to retrain the brain. Personally, I'm quite impressed by the research that went into their program!

  • Vital Links offers the Astronaut Training (R) program for helping kids with auditory processing disorder and vestibular issues. 

  • The National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders offers helpful information on the many types of auditory processing disorders.

Speech-Language Delays and Issues
  • Apraxia-Kids is an organization that offers support and information on oral or global apraxia, also known as dyspraxia or difficulty with motor planning. They feature excellent articles on speech, communication, and development.

  • The site for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation provides information on finding a professional who can treat auditory processing disorder.

  • is a great resource for parents of children with speech delays.

  • The International Dyslexia Association provides information about dyslexia.

  • Casa Futura Technologies sells the anti-stuttering device invented by Thomas David Kehoe, an extraordinary and brilliant inventor who is passionate about helping those who stutter.

Gross Motor and Motor Planning Difficulties
  • The S'cool Moves program helps with organizational and motor planning challenges kids have in school.

Visual Processing Difficulties
  • The College of Optometrists and Visual Development provides information and help for visual processing difficulties, including a list of behavioral (developmental) optometrists who can screen for visual processing disorder, which many kids with SPD have, as well as visual issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

  • The Irlen Institute provides information about Irlen syndrome, which affects people’s ability to handle visual contrast (for instance, reading black-on-white text versus other contrasting colors).

Complementary Therapies
(not related to food and diet—you can learn more about these therapies in the book Raising a Sensory Smart Child)


Heavy Metal Poisoning

Lead and mercury are known neurotoxins; learn more about how to help prevent and treat heavy metal poisoning.

Parenting Help

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