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School supplies and clothes for kids with sensory issues

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Have you bought school supplies yet for your child with sensory processing issues? I’m a big believer in recycling the stuff from last year. It’s cheaper, better for the environment, and better for kids who struggle with transitions (for whom “new” is often a problem).

A few tips–

Watch out for “antibacterial” chemically treated items. I don’t know who decided that a chemical spray on a ruler is necessary to keep kids healthy (actually, it’s just the sort of thing that contributes to the preponderance of staph infections in the U.S.) but beware. You’d be amazed at what they’re dumping chemicals on these days!

Look for sensory diet toys, equipment, and supplies. There are chewable items for oral sensory seekers, spandex bands that stretch across a chair’s legs that the sensory seeking child can push her feet and legs against, fidget, inflatable cushions that provide input so the child has an easier time staying seated, sour and strong-flavored candies to help perk him or her up at homework time and perhaps at school too (great for “wet noodle” kids who have trouble remaining alert), and much more. Please see the Sensory Smart Shop for more suggestions categorized by sensory or developmental issue.

Check last year’s clothing NOW. Decide whether you need to buy anything as you may want to launder items several times to make them softer and more tolerable for your child, and you’ll want to go shopping early for the best selection of Crocs sandals and other comfortable shoes and seamless socks, sweatpants, and other sensory kid favorites. You’ll also find that many of the soft clothing manufacturers who make sensory friendly clothing, such as SmartKnit Kids, Special Kids Company, and Kozie Kids. You might also try Lands’ End and Hanna Anderssen cotton clothing (best prices are on clearance or used via eBay or consignment stores).

Have you found any great products you recommend? Excellent sources for sensory friendly stuff? Do share!

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