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Raising a Sensory Smart Child, What Is New

What is new about Raising a Sensory Smart Child? My coauthor, Lindsey Biel, OTR/L, and I did a video conversation, which you can find below and which is available on YouTube, discussing what is new.

Updates to the autism chapter. The chapter reflects the new descriptions and coding for autism spectrum disorders in the DSM-5 and that we must always presume competence in kids and adults with autism. That fits with the approach Lindsey and I have always encouraged parents and others who help kids with sensory processing issues to adopt: to believe that our kids can do many things. In the video, we talk about asking our children about their experiences and what they need to be supported in their learning and functioning, and listening to their answers. Yes, the truthful answer to "Why are you having trouble focusing?" could be "My hair hurts" if a child has sensory processing issues! We need to be listening carefully to what ALL kids with sensory issues, whether or not they have autism, say about their sensory experiences.

New research. Scientific research such as the 2013 breakthrough study showing brain differences between children with sensory processing issues who have an autism diagnosis and those who don't can be really helpful for parents advocating for their children with sensory processing disorder at school. It's easier to advocate for your child at school (which we have an entire chapter on!) when you can cite research and there's plenty of it in the book.

Updated and new resources. Lindsey and I took the time to check every single resource in the book whether it was a website with information, a link to where to buy a product that can help a child with sensory issues, a book, or something else. We added new resources, too. And we're proud to say that if you buy the ebook of the NEW edition of Raising a Sensory Smart Child and read it on an internet-connected device (laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet, and some eReaders such as the Kindle Fire), you can click through the link.

Audio version of the book. While Lindsey and I did not record an audio version of the book, narrating it personally, the eBook for the revised and updated edition of Raising a Sensory Smart Parent is set up to be listened to with text-to-speech software or apps.

New chapter on Technology and Kids with Sensory Issues. We wrote Raising a Sensory Smart Child when my son was around age 3 or 4—he's in college now!—and had last updated the book back when social media was just beginning to take hold. It's hard to believe how much our lives have changed since then. In recent years, a lot of the clunky, expensive assistive technology has been replaced in many schools and homes with lightweight, mobile devices with low-cost or even free software applications or functionality. How exciting that our kids can communicate with technology that is far more accessible than in the past! Our chapter delves into this issue as well as how to balance screen time with time spent away from screens. Our bodies were designed to see, hear, and move in nature. How do we get our kids outdoors and moving? We wrote about it in this exciting new chapter that is jam-packed with information and strategies and incorporates new research and talks about recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Real strategies for your family—that's what you will get in this new chapter!

New information on self-regulation. As we talk about in the video, in the new edition of Raising a Sensory Smart Child, we address the importance of developing skills of self-regulation with regard to mood, focus, and activity levels in our kids. Mindfulness practices can be incredibly helpful and empowering for kids with sensory issues (as well as their parents!).


Lindsey and I think you will love the revised and updated Raising a Sensory Smart Child and agree with us that it is even more valuable than ever! The book is available from Penguin Books and sold at brick-and-mortar bookstores everywhere as well as through online bookstores. We hope you will buy a physical or eBook version today!

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