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Trouble at Circle & Listening Time

Trouble at Circle and Learning time in School


Most schools require children of all ages to sit still, be quiet, and listen for increasingly long periods as they mature. This does not come easily for many children, especially those who are sensory seekers.
Accommodations might include:
  • An inflatable cushion that allows kids to wiggle a bit while remaining seated on a chair or the floor.
  • Hand fidgets that keep hands busy and out of trouble (no more poking the child next to him).
  • A Time Timer can help students “keep it together” by giving them a visual cue about how much longer they are expected to be quiet or focus on a given task.
  • A weighted lap pad or weighted vest or other weighted wearable (such as a weighted hat) can provide calming sensory input as well as a physical cue to stay in place. Please see Raising a Sensory Smart Child for wearing recommendations and precautions.
Help the sensitive child to not feel singled out! Most kids resist looking “different” from peers, so be sensitive to the desire to fit in. Ask your child for ideas about how he can self-calm. Perhaps gum chewing helps, but the school won’t allow it. An appropriate item to chew, such as a Pencil Topper placed on the pen, might work instead. Provide several of these for the classroom so your child isn’t the only one with “funny pencils.”
BUY Raising a Sensory Smart Child and learn more about sensory smarts at school. 


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