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Sensory Smart Parenting on YouTube

Sensory Smart Parenting requires patience, effective strategies, an understanding of sensory processing disorder and what it means to be sensory smart, and collaborating with your child with sensory issues. It also means being a strong advocate for your child at school and out in the world.

Sensory Smart Parent Nancy Peske

To be a sensory smart parent is quite the challenge at times, which is why I launched my new YouTube channel for sensory smart parenting. Subscribe to get videos that offer strategies, tips, and encouragement that will help you avoid getting stressed out by the demands of raising a sensory smart child in a world that isn't as accommodating and understanding as it needs to be. We have some amazing kids and as parents, we need to be supporting and encouraging each other, and I hope you'll join me over on YouTube and get some rich conversations going in the comments section!

(And Pinterest fans, please follow my Sensory Smart Parent board on Pinterest!)

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